Why you should choose a software for whistleblowing management

eWhistle is a specific software for whistleblowing that allows you to implement a proactive compliance system in any business context. Some wonder whether it is really necessary to have a real software, while there seem to exist more simple solutions like creating a mailbox purposely reserved for compliance reports, acquiring a dedicated phone line, or even providing the office with a specific physical mailbox for receiving paper letters.

The problem is that these solutions are too simple and not efficient enough to guarantee the high standards required in many fronts of business activity for obtaining good performance of an effective whistleblowing system.

Notwithstanding some of these measures could meet well several requirements arising from the adoption of a corporate compliance policy, nonetheless, they can not guarantee the fulfillment of all the provisions prescribed by law for ensuring the complete confidentiality of  both the employee that reports and the person that is being reported.

On the other hand, with eWhistle you will never worry about it, since at the moment when the alert is "taken in charge", the data of both sender and suspect is stored in a separate, encrypted database and the received alert is assigned with an identification completely anonymous code

In case the company uses traditional email, the data gets immediately visible even before the alert can be examined. Moreover, if the suspect is the one who receives emails, he or she may even delete it and contact the sender without being traced. The same thing will happen if the organization uses the telephone or paper method. When an employee is aked to provide more detailed information, he or she cannot be anymore confident in the anonimity.

In fact, the identity of the reporting party can be revealed only with its consent otherwise when it becomes essential for the defense of the suspect. In case of using eWhistle, all data concerning the alert sender, is stored in a separate, encrypted database, and it can be tracked and revealed only when all conditions meet the compliance standards, which is not possible when non IT tools are applied.

The compliance standards also impose an obligation on the person in charge of internal reporting systems to draw up a report on the proper functioning of the internal reporting systems, that should contain aggregated information on accomplished work for every single alert received by the system.

Anticipating this necessity, eWhistle provides a compliance officer with a constantly updated periodic reports containing all the data relating to all active matters in both general and detailed forms. While in the case a company uses other reporting tools, it is the duty of a compliance officer to develop such reports, and the data is processed manually and therefore the risk of error increases. And finally, this activity generates a significantly high workload to those who must carry it out.

In the countries where the legislation requests a reporting party to declare certain information (such as a circumstance of having a personal interest related to the alert), such IT tool as eWhistle is able to respect this requirement. On the other hand, in case of using traditional tools, it becomes the responsibility of an employee to indicate the requiring information at the moment of a compliance letter filing.

Such tool like eWhistle allows you to examine an alert requesting its sender for clarification or more detailed information, which leads to the time reduction for ascertaining of unfounded suspicion. It also assures employees complete confidentiality in their alerts management and provides the author of an alert with the report progress status, thus the employee stays always informed.

Therefore, in addition to its high safety standards, a whistleblowing system like eWhistle is also more convenient and faster in comparison with many other compliance tools.

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