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All the international best practices and guidances describe the implementation of whistleblowing systems as an essential part of an effective compliance program. Moreover, many countries, including Italy, recognize whistleblowing as a preventive measure in the fight against corruption. eWhistle is a software that allows private societies and public authorities to comply with these laws and recommendations because:

  • it allows employees to whistle-blow through a simple internet connection with any type of device, in full anonymity and with the guarantee of non-traceability;
  • it provides anonymous and confidential interactions with the whistleblower, in order to ask for further details or clarifications;
  • in addition, it prevents the access to reports's data and all undertaken activities from unauthorized persons.

The system can be also used by "third parties", such as suppliers, contractors, advisors, etc... The integration with Microsft Azure guarantees information privacy. The users, who witness an offence or irregularity at workplace and decide to report it, will have access to a user-friendly interface which gathers detailed and accurate information concerning the event, still guaranteeing full anonymity.





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