The Advantages of eWhistle

An instrument used to induce proactive compliance

  • eWhistle is an instrument used to induce proactive compliance and promptly expose possible frauds and criticalities before they produce serious damage and/or responsibility.
  • It is a substantial reinforcement of compliance and of internal control.
  • It is therefore an element which can be used with the authorities in order to demonstrate the effort and good faith of the company in effectively excecuting the compliance program.
  • It can be used in all countries of the world with the possibility to set different languages.
  • It decreases the complexity and the costs of dealing with anonymous whistleblowing.
  • It can be used with any type of device via an Internet browser.
  • It guarantees the reception of every whistle-blow and the monitoring of management activity.
  • It allows the proper authorities (Compliance Officer, Internal Audit, Legal Department, Audit Committee, etc.) to be notified in real time about every whistle-blow and its consequent activities, measures and remedial actions.

eWhistle Whistleblowing software by ProComp


The advantages of eWhistle for an employee

  • Confidential mode of alerts management

    The platform offers different ways to access the software according to the requirements: from confidential mode up to complete anonymous one.

  • Simple and easy in usage

    eWhistle encourages employees to reveal possible unlawful actions through a simple communication channel. Such portal, easily accessible and confidential for everyone, enables employees to forward reports with simple Internet or Intranet connection from any device, fixed or mobile, equipped with Internet browser (including tablets and smartphones).

  • System individual access for an employee

    eWhistle allows a user to access the system (even anonymously) and verify all alerts and reporting status at any time.

  • User's access to the report progress status

    eWhistle enables users to verify the alerts progress throughout the whole report processing just through a simple web access.

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Benefits of eWhistle for the "Internal Reporting Systems Officer"

  • Confidential dialogue and anonymous interaction with an employee

    eWhistle offers an absolute innovative solution for safe communication and interaction between compliance officer and employees. Once an eWhistle alert is received, the agent that manages compliance notifications can ask an applicant for further clarifications, ensuring him/her the complete confidentiality. This feature plays a fundamental role for the reports selection, inasmuch it subsequently allows properly and easily identifying only those alerts that deserve a deeper investigation.

  • Traceability of activities and authenticity of the information related to each reporting

    eWhistle guarantees both the traceability of every single activity carried out with regard to the alerts received and the unaccessability to the reports data to all non-authorized parties.

  • Reports classification

    Once a person/office authorized to manage compliance reports, has received an alert, he or she will be able to classify it in base of its content according to the established criteria in the company's policy.

  • The mode of alerts management and their archiving

    eWhistle is not only an alerts gathering system, but it is also an innovative platform for reports management that:

    • allows a reporting person to get registered in this digital platform, accessible only to the internal users, where she/he can use the services of the built-in application for reports management;
    • ensures timely taking in charge, management, monitoring and archiving of all alerts;
    • provides with a special notification sent to a responsible compliance officer via email in case either a new alert has been registered in the system or a report status has changed;
    • allows a responsible officer to archive an alert in case it manifests obvious unfounded accusation, and on the contrary to start investigation or forward the reporting with regard to the persons suspected in performing unethical or illegal practices (maintaining confidentiality of the alert's author);
    • guarantees the correct treatment of the data and the documents related to the matter that may be or may contain sensitive data, in compliance with the legislation on protection of personal data;
    • The system processes the reports automatically and put them at the disposal of the officers authorized for alerts management.
  • Easy in use

    eWhistle is also characterized by a high ease of use thanks to the users’ familiarity with the Microsoft applications. The simplicity of use and the intuitive, user-friendly interfaces guarantee maximum user experience. The platform is also available in its on-premise version, in case the organization prefers to implement the system without taking advantage of cloud services.

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