Whistleblowing & Case Management


eWhistle Whistleblowing software by ProComp

The best way to manage Whistleblowing in the Company and to optimize Compliance.


eWhistle: Whistleblowing with any type of device

Report and receive: eWhistle Homepage

This vertical serves a double function: it is both a protected and (if requested) anonymous communication channel with the whistle-blower, and a case management platform which implements all the phases in the report management process. The system is a secure IT environment that can be accessed only by explicitly and previously authorized people, in order to prevent that the data and documents related to the report move around the company both on paper and in the system.

The system allows users to:

  • satisfy simultaneously all the requirements of the different regulations, in a quick and simple way;
  • manage the reports with transparency through a clearly-defined procedure communicated outside the company with clear terms for the beginning and conclusion of the investigation;
  • to safeguard the whistleblower's privacy and the content of the report;
  • to interact confidentially with the whistle-blower, who can also track the progress of their report throughout the whole procedure;
  • to timely undertake, manage, monitor and archive all the reports.

User-friendliness for both managers and users, thus allowing the latter to submit their report in the utmost comfort. The application guarantees the non-accessibility of data by non-authorized personnel and the traceability of any activity. It ensures consistency to the anti-corruption directives and guidelines (there are also ad hoc modules for the Banking and PA sectors). It is possible to extend the use of the system to third parties such as suppliers, contractors, consultants,etc.


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