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of the European Regulation on privacy.



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GDPR 365 is a structured and simple tool to guide companies through the process of complying with the GDPR.

It manages privacy and security of the processed data, with the appropriate procedures, analysis, checks and continuous monitoring. All in a simple and complete way that guarantees the traceability of any activity and the production of dynamic reports.

An integrated solution to comply with the European Regulation on Privacy 679/2016 (GDPR) and systematically manage and oversee all the necessary activities.


GDPR 365




General Data

Protection Regulation

in 90 seconds




 Readiness Assessment

Preconfigured and configurable surveys to measure potential areas of weakness, identify gaps, assign priorities and monitor conformity.


Record of processing

It simplifies the process of risk tracking in relation to data processing and automatizes internal sharing.



When required, it manages risk assessment every time data are processed.


Binding Corporate Rules

Computerized personal data transfer management from the EU countries to extra-UE countries between firms of the same corporate group.

Data breach management

Process of data breach management. It includes an assessment of the overall risk, of the damage against people and the suggestion of notification to the individual or to the authorities.

Data subject rights management

It manages consensus and GDPR rights from a single point, thus guaranteeing traceability and the audit of the changes, the implementation of privacy policies and data security.

Task management and Reporting

It managing activities and processes during the entire lifecycle with complete, easy-to-use and dynamic dashboards and reporting tools to support the monitoring activities and audit.

Training & Engagement

It manages the necessary training process to all the affected subjects. Dynamic distribution of materials (presentations, videos, etc.) and tests to prove the effective level of knowledge of the workers.


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