The application for the effective

implementation of the Organization

and Management model

pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01.


This vertical application was created to support the function in charge of compliance 231 and the Supervisory Body in managing all the activities supporting an effective application of the Model of organization and management pursuant to Legislative Decree 231/01 in individual institutions and groups.

External regulation library: updated texts of the applicable legislation and jurisprudence and of the catalog of predicate crimes, with the normative reference, the date of beginning of application, the sanctions.

Documentation area for the management of the documentation relating to Model 231: Model 231, policy 231, delegations, quality management systems, environment and safety, etc. Thanks to Smart Documents it allows to easily manage the regulatory obligations and the components of interaction with other specific rules.

Risk assessment , for sensitive activity and for business processes according to a risk management approach, which takes into consideration: chance; impact; evaluation of inherent risk; control facilities to mitigate risk; evaluation of residual risk.

The platform makes it possible, at each date, to view:

- the current legislation, and in particular the text of Legislative Decree 231/01 on that date

- the Model 231 version and other internal controls in force on that date

- the risk assessment of the reference period.



Planning and control of 231 compliance activities.

Management of the activities of the Supervisory Body:

- planning and control of the activities of the SB

- management of the document archive of the Supervisory Body (minutes, annual report, results of checks, regulations, etc., with the related approvals, validity, distribution lists; it is possible to categorize the documentation by type of activity of the 'Supervisory Body (periodic meetings, audits, etc.)

- information flows from and to company departments and control bodies, with the related responsibilities / distribution lists, frequency and deadlines, automatic alerts.

- budgeting and reporting both of the external costs incurred by the Supervisory Body, and of the internal resources (eg man-days spent on the activities of the Body by internal resources company).

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