231 Compliance App


The vertical implementing
the ex Leg. Dec. 231/01
organization and management model.


231 compliance App



ProComp 231 compliance software

This vertical was created to support the function in charge of complying with ex Leg. Dec. 231/01 and the Supervisory Body in managing all the activities aimed at implementing the 231/01 organization and management Model in single entities and in groups.

External regulatory library, with updated texts about the applicable laws and regulations and about the list of offences subject to law 231, with regulatory reference, application dates and sanctions.

Internal document area (231 Model, 231 policy, authorizations, management system for certifications of quality, environment and safety, etc.). Smart Documents allow users to manage documents cooperatively.

Risk assessment, for sensitive activities and for company processes, following a risk management approach, which takes into consideration probability, impact, inherent risk assessment, control tools for risk mitigation, residual risk assessment.

With the platform it is possible to view, for any given date:

  • the current legislation, especially the list of offences subject to law 231;
  • the 231 Model version and other internal applicable protections;
  • the risk assessment at that time.

Supervisory Body activity management:

  • planning and control of the Supervisory Body activities;
  • management of the Supervisory Body's document archive with all the approvals, validations,distribution lists; it is possible to sort the documents by types of activity;
  • information flows with their respective responsibility/distribution lists, periodicity and deadlines, automatic alerts;
  • budgeting and accounting of costs and resources.


231 - Risk Assessment reporting


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