Smart Document

A revolutionary technology based on Microsoft Azure Machine Learning that makes documents smart!

Thanks to Smart Documents, each specific part of the document becomes shared knowledge!

Documents come to life and allow new way of search, analize, update and disclosure!

The first “Instagram of the Documents” to collect, edit and manage all the compliance program information.



Managing policy content and procedures has never been this easy
thanks to Smart Document! 


Smart Document technology


Starting from any existing document or writing a new one, you can easily make it smart, which means that it is possible to divide the document into chapters, sub-chapters, and phrases that are tagged with #hashtags and keywords.

Smart Document allows to:

  • Simplify complex content, by analysing the text and providing automatic summaries
  • Detect, identify, analyse, plan and label content inside the documents
  • Auto-cluster informations in the document through the feature of automatic tagging in relation to content

Now all smart contents (any part of a document tagged with hashtag) are published in a centrally shared Smart Library.


Thanks to Smart Documents being native integrated with Microsoft Word, the specific parts of the documents become knowledge parts of Policy Library

Any single part of the documents is tagged with an hashtag in a similar fashion to what happens in a social network. A simple and effective way to archive and search information.

Our machine learning engine module can also automatically suggest hashtags and archive information.


ProComp GRC Applications use Smart Document Technology

Why ProComp?



Improve GRC control for directors and internal functions.


Improve performance through the adoption of best practices.


Simplify audit processes and control.



Reduces management time and costs related to GRC

stretta di mano 

Reduce business risks through real measurement of users acknowledge.



We believe in digitalization
and in the opportunities offered by technology
applied to the legal and GRC area



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