Anonymity management

eWhistle log-in/report anonymously

Furthermore, there are two types of anonymity management in eWhistle and each of them corresponds to various companies’ policies:

  • Management is completely anonymous. In this case all reports are gathered in fully anonymous way and at the same time it’s possible to interact (always anonymously) with whistleblowers asking for the details or clarifications.
  • Management is anonymous, with data registration. It means that the system requires an employee to declare its identity to proceed with reporting; it records the data in a separate database (encrypted as well) giving to the report an identification code. Thus, the whole report management process (including its further archiving) will be represented by anonymous identification code, and only authorized persons would be able to access to personal data of whistleblower.

Automated management

eWhistle is also an innovative platform which allows to manage the whole whistleblowing process , to communicate with all the proper authorities and to guarantee the traceability of every action, as well as the data integrity and safety. The platform provides an overall and constantly updated view of the inspections, measures and remedial actions in process, and it automatically develops reports for the corporate bodies. 

Respect to traditional systems (like hotline, email, company intranet, anonymous paper reports, etc…) eWhistle ensures that every received report will be timely taken into consideration and sent to the proper authorities through automatic notifications. The software manages and monitors all reports till the end of the process and keeps them stored in the system.

Both whistleblowers and control authorities have access to a user-friendly interface which allows to navigate in the system and manage the report process easily and quickly. In fact, the users' familiarity with Microsoft applications highly reduces their learning time. The highly user-friendly interfaces guarantee the best user experience.

eWhistle workflow automated management

Security, privacy and trasparency with Microsoft "Trusted Cloud" 

trusted cloud

With the "Trusted Cloud", Microsoft confirms its commitment to organizations' cybersecurity. The Trusted Cloud is a cloud conforming to global standards of security, privacy and transparency in both the public and private sector. 

  • Security: Microsoft keeps your customer data safe by managing and controlling identity and user access, encrypting communications and operation processes, securing networks and managing threats
  • Privacy: You own and control your data.
  • Transparency: You know how your data is stored and accessed, and how Microsoft helps secure it.

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Trusted Cloud!
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