Policy Management & Communications


Policy Management, 

communications to the organization

and support.


The management of company policies, communications to the organization and assistance in case of support request are the bases of the platform and allow to reach employees and third parties through a "web app" or through the website with an interface captivating and intuitive.

Thanks to the flexibility of Power BI, it is possible to manage information in an integrated way between the different compliance «dimensions».
It is possible to have a clear picture of the «inherent risks», the «residual risks» and the «priorities» for processes, users, companies, business units and countries with a new unique overall view.

Create, edit and update Policies, Procedure and related materials through our innovative Smart Documents technology native integrated with Microsoft Word is easy like write a document.

Through Smart Document Technology all contents are regularly updated and aligned.

Are you looking for a simple and effective way to archive and search information?

We invented the “Instagram of the Documents”!

Any single part of the documents is tagged with hashtag like in social network. And all smart contents (any part of a document tagged with #hashtag) are published in a central Smart Library.


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