Policy Management & Communications


Application to manage policies,
communication and support.


Policy management Application

Policy Management - ProComp App


Policy Management allows management of

  • company policies,
  • communication to the organization
  • and assistance

in case of support requests.

Mobile and desktop App

It easily reaches both employees and third parties, through an App with an attractive and intuitive interface, usable from both mobile and desktop.

The application allows users to:

  • create, edit, approve and archive policies, procedures and materials (summaries, training, tests, etc.), defining roles, permissions and approval workflows for each entity;
  • manage and ensure the automatic alignment of all contents;
  • organize and manage data and performance indicators;
  • create customized dashboards and reporting for viewing and monitoring progress, indicators and statistics;
  • manage feedback from employees and third parties;
  • integrate specific and customized vertical modules (e.g. search and verification of related parties, tracking of donations, hospitality, sponsorships, etc.).

Virtual Advisor con chat per supporto su compliance aziendale

Virtual Advisor

Based on a complex Artificial Intelligence Interface, it learns from content and provides immediate support to users.


  • It provides answers to the questions asked by users using a natural language that disambiguates requests and allows you to get directly to the document from which the answer is taken.
  • It processes information and learns from users' requests.
  • Can be activated on any topic including Anti-Bribery, Related Parties and Market Abuse.
  • Should the system fail to respond to the user's request it will be possible to request human intervention maximizing the user experience.





Simplifies the management and organization of documentation and communication with users.


It allows the company to have a single controlled and shared version of documents.


It is an item expendable with the authorities to demonstrate effort and good faith of the company in implementing the compliance program and to support ISO 37001 certification.


It reduces the complexity and consequently the cost of managing GRC programs.


It can be accessed from any device and is usable in any country.



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