Policy Management & Communication


Application to manage policies,

communication and support.




The application allows users to:

  • Create, modify, approve and archive Policies and Procedures and all the other related materials
    (summaries, guides, trainings, tests, instructions, etc.).
  • Manage and ensure the automatic alignment of all contents.
  • Organize and manage performance data indicators.
  • Create and view customized dashboards.
  • Monitor and archive support request data and follow-up activities from employees and third parties.
  • IIntegrate custom vertical modules on specific compliance processes (e.g. search and check of the correlated parts, registration of gifts, accommodation expenses, sponsors, etc.). 


The application manages company policies, communication and support requests and easily reaches employees and third parties through a "web Application" with a captivating and intuitive interface. Thanks to the flexibility of Power BI, it is possible to manage information in an integrated way, under an IRM perspective, through the different «dimensions» of compliance.

Thanks to the Smart Document innovative technlogy, it is possible to create, modify and update policies, procedures and their related materials in a quick, simple way, using one of the most familiar softwares to almost any user: Microsoft Word! Smart Documents guarantee constantly updated and aligned contents - a fundamental feature for a functioning compliance System. You can tag any part of the document with a #hashtag just like in social networks - a simple and effective way to archive and search information.


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