Internal Control Activities


App that supports the Internal
control processes
and activities,
improving the strategies and reducing costs.

Internal Control Activities

Phases Internal Control Activities

Based on the COSO standard, the Internal Control Activities application simplifies the internal control activities, managing the whole Internal Audit process and its phases:

  • Audits and follow-up plan
  • Definition of the Audit Universe
  • Audit Planning
  • Audit execution support
  • Closing and reporting
  • Follow up.

The audit plan management is made easier by the ProComp analytics, that allow users to create, modify and execute dynamic multidimensional reports. From the Audit Universe management, it is possible to define a list of company controls and variables to submit to Audit and to support the process in an integrated way, attaching documents and surveys directly during the audits from our webapp.

The system manages the planning and reporting of all the internal control activities, including those related to communication and training, to Risk Assessment, to rule, process and regulation management, to monitoring and to assurance check. The organization, management and traceability of the remediation and follow-up activities following flaws or audit surveys are managed in a quick, simple way since they are collected in collaboration through process workflows.

The application guarantees total visibility, with different degrees of detail, traceability, necessary to keep the workflow consistent, and minimization of risks related to manual and redundant activities.

The application works efficiently for any user, especially for auditors, who can also use easily-operated mobile interfaces (for smartphones and tablets) which allow them to work quickly and comfortably, using the tools that are typical to "mobility" such as camera, touch screen, document upload, etc.

Such functions strongly contribute to the reduction of costs and time related to management and training. All this allows the company to improve its strategies, reduce the audit burden and improve the auditor's productivity.

The complete operational and management reporting guarantees transparency and awareness on audit activities, minimizing errors and inconsistencies, and favors better decisions.

All this while simplifying management, coordination, execution and communication with Top Management.



Internal Control ProComp


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