Integrated Risk Management


We improve company decisions

through Integrated Risk Management.


Integrated Risk Management (IRM) refers to a series of practices thoroughly thought to help organizations to understand the full range of (strategic, operational, financial, digital,…) risks that they might face. It is a new approach to risk management that integrates risk-bearing assets within the organization conduct in order to favor a strategic and more sustainable decision-making process. Risk is managed “thoroughly”: both horizontally – through risk domains, e.g. safety, conformity, resilience – and vertically – connecting operational risks to the company strategy.

Our application offers a unified system to identify, assess, manage and mitigate different types of risks, including operational, “digital”, third-party, conformity and strategic risks. The solution intersects the organizational activities, standardizing risks and monitoring the activities.

The application allows users to:

  • Carry out the Risk Management processes in a multi-regulatory environment.
  • Plan and monitor the activities carried out by the multiple corporate stakeholders.
  • Organize activities based on simple, intuitive and completely customizable workflows.
  • Receive methodological support in the assessment of inherent and residual risk.
  • Manage the inventory of risk mitigation measures.
  • Monitor the actions of the Remediation Plan.
  • Control the training and communication activities, also online.
  • Manage the Key Risk Indicators in real time through powerful, simple and easily-operated dashboards.



Our application manages the key phases of IRM: Planning, Risk Mapping, Risk Management, Reporting, Follow Up.

It is possible to manage the variation of risks through time and of all the records related to transverse risk management set up according to continuously interconnected dynamic dimensions (e.g. risks, processes, regulations, controls, organizational structure). The risk analysis and assessment process is automated through algorithms that can be easily configured according to one’s own criteria.

The launch and management of risk assessment programs can be carried out by engaging risk owners though customized surveys and joint evaluation sessions in online workshops, with a simple and quick communication between the different stakeholders involved in the process. Data analytics, dashboards and multidimensional reporting allow users to calculate and visualize «inherent risks», «residual risks» and «priorities» by functions, by legal entity, by business unit, by processes, by countries, etc.


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