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Engage employees and third parties
GRC issues with training
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Employees engagement third parties

Employees engagement program

The Web App for smartphone, tablet and pc allows the company population and the relevant “third parties” to access policies and procedures, sign for acknowledgement and acceptance of documents, follow e-learning processes with final test, receive online support. At any time, the users involved can access on demand the specific areas of compliance and their contents, check their user profile to view the notifications, the tasks/assignments to be performed and the obtained achievements; they can consult the platform on specific topics and receive a guided list of selected content, use the dedicated training materials, receive online support and share feedbacks through a dedicated chat platform. All the materials are always available in the “Library”.

The access from smartphone is ideal for many interstitial moments (waiting at the airport, commuting, etc.).


All the data related to the engagement programs are recorded and made automatically available through the Dashboard and Reporting function by creating indicators (KPIs) that allow users to view the levels of approval, diffusion, acceptance and training per each function, legal entity, business unit, process, country, etc.

Through the system tracking, it is always possible to know in real time the actual awareness on policies and procedures by the company population.

We developed a Virtual Compliance Advisor based on an Artificial Intelligence Interface that learns from its contents and gives immediate support to users.

In addition, the (individual or group) chat function available on the WebApp allows the employees to ask the compliance function for assistance and to share comments on specific topics.

Virtual advisor technology


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