Due Diligence & Adverse Media


Manage negative news and

due diligence of third parties

thanks to Artificial Intelligence!


The system manages the due diligence process of third parties through a workflow that can be adapted to the Client's needs. The application involves the different interested parties in the flow so that the they can give their contribution in the third person analysis, integrating external providers and automatically managing the search of negative news on open sources.

The management workflow of the Due Diligence process is structured through the following phases:

  • Onboarding  of the third party by the business function, through a quick compilation of a specific digital questionnaire. The platform selects the Business Associates who, in accordance with a risk-based methodology, undergo the following phase.
  • Due Diligence Phase 1
  • Due Diligence Phase 2


The phrase "adverse media" (or "negative news") refers to all the news that jeopardize a company's credibility: pieces of information, taken from open sources, that become discriminating when deciding whether or not to start a business with a third party.

The application efficiently manages adverse media thanks to algorithms in an AI capable of:

  • processing thousands of news articles with a high degree of accuracy
  • re-elaborate the data to identify the news sentiment
  • bypass the linguistic limits of textual web search
  • define the key words related to the organization or to the people involved, in order to continuously and automatically monitor the third party
  • keep into consideration the users' feedbacks, refining the search.


The application searches for information about companies or about some specific roles in a company (e.g. associates or administrators) on newspapers, magazines, national and international blogs, and elaborates the information thanks to an AI engine that identifies the news sentiment and possible false positives. It is interfaceable with external lists and providers (e.g. World Compliance, World Check, Bureau Van Dijk and Cerved), for the management of anti-money laundering and anti-bribery integrating and automating the search for negative news.

Once you have defined (with the help of the AI engine) the keywords related to the company (or to people within it), you can automate the process and activate constant monitoring of suppliers - once they are added to the list. Thanks to the revolutionary AI system, the negative news monitoring program can learn from user feedback and refine media classification in a perspective of constant improvement.


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