Due Diligence, Third Parties and Adverse Media


It allows the due diligence of  third parties

and the management and monitoring of negative news

thanks to the Artificial Intelligence engine! 



It allows the management of due diligence surveys that can be easily sent, completed and collected through the web App, both in desktop and mobile.

This allows the centralisation of the entry of new suppliers and their continuous monitoring.



The application allows the management of negative news (or Adverse Media). It is possible to carry out a search on the company or on certain roles within it (e.g. partners or administrators) in national and international newspapers, magazines, blogs and process the information thanks to an artificial intelligence engine, which identifies the sentiment of the news.

The application can be interfaced with word compliance and word check for the creation of scoring algorithms.



Once you have defined (with the help of the AI engine) the keywords relating to the company (or to persons within it), you can automate the process and activate constant monitoring of the supplier.

The monitoring of negative news is able to learn from user feedback and refine media classification with a view to constant improvement.




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