Assessment & Monitoring


Monitor the implementation

of your compliance program,

Anytime, anywhere.



The application allows users to:

  • Conduct customized surveys for risk monitoring and for the implementation of policies, procedures and other controls
  • Highlight the strengths and weaknesses of the compliance system and analyze the situation in light of the main risks and features of the company business
  • Obtain from key users a periodic demonstration of their knowledge and correct implementation of the compliance principles (as requested by international standards)
  • Make use of solid advice to face possible flaws.

Groups of selected “key users” are engaged to participate in the survey through the WebApp. This favors the involvement of the company functions and the full understanding of the risks related to the specific features of the company business and of the company itself, highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of the compliance system.

The data from the questionnaires automatically flow into the system, which elaborates them following fixed parameters and, according to the feedback received, identifies the risks associated with the organization operations and classifies them following an evaluation scale based on fixed criteria.

The performance and risk indicators are automatically made available in the Dashboards, thus giving a complete view with a wide range of statistics and comparisons (KPIs organized by functions, by company organs, by legal entities, by countries, etc.).

The elements of the survey are parameterized in order to define the performance and risk indicators of the compliance system.



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